What the Bible is All About for Moms

April 2010
Regal Publishers
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ISBN: 0830751602
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cover: what the bible is all about for moms
This is the second devotional based on Dr. Henrietta Mears’ classic study guide. These 66 readings, one for each book of the Bible, will bring God’s Word into the homes and hearts of moms of all ages. Each chapter includes mom-specific excerpts from Henrietta’s original text, suggested Scripture reading for daily or weekly study, a devotional reading to connect the day’s verses to the everyday lives of mothers, a few ideas about applying God’s Word to the reader’s life and a suggested thought or question for further reflection. Moms are in the Bible from beginning to end, and now the Bible can be in the hearts and minds of moms!

Discovering Faith: a 6-week Bible study

August 2009
AMG Publishers
Retail price: $9.99
ISBN: 0899570291
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A six-week interactive Bible study, Un-Doing Church:
Discovering Faith
is for women needing contemporary tools for sharing their faith and experiencing true worship. Written in a sassy yet informative style, the study tackles common misperceptions about church.

Stressed Out Moms Devotions to Go

Fall 2009
Extreme Diva Media
Retail price: $8.95

Kathy encourages moms to grab this book along with a hammer for the alarm clock to get some rest for the soul.

Soccer Moms Devotions to Go

November 2007
Extreme Diva Media

Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 0977650073
Retail price: $8.95
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Kathy encourages moms to grab this book along with a Big Mac or Whopper to have some soul food.

Soccer Moms' Devotions to Go is full of sports stories and the principles and enduring lessons we can learn from all those games and practices. It is Scripturally based, is written for tired and worn out moms, and aims to give them a little spiritual food while they are driving their kids all over creation to participate in extracurricular activities. It points to enduring truths that can be cherished along with the lasting memories our kids give us when they play sports.

"Every grandparent, parent, sibling and friend that has contact with a young person should read WINNING THE DRUG WAR AT HOME. It gives amazing insights into authentic communication with the children we love even in the midst of difficult challenges and circumstances related to substance abuse."

~Maryanna Young,
President, Personal Value Coaching

"WINNING THE DRUG WAR AT HOME by Kathy Pride is an informed introduction on how parents should deal with the discovery of drugs and/or drug usage by a child or a teen. Deftly guiding parents through the complexities of dealing with the psychology and mentality of teenagers, WINNING THE DRUG WAR AT HOME offers a comprehensive and accessible understanding of strategies and tactics when approaching teens on the subject of dangerous drugs throughout a sixteen month time frame. WINNING THE DRUG WAR AT HOME is very highly recommended for all parents struggling with the pain of confrontation of the issues surrounding their teen's use of addictive drugs."

~The Midwest Book Review

Winning the Drug War at Home

April 2006
AMG Publishers
ISBN: 0899570828
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** FEATURED BOOK on the DR. LAURA SHOW, January 14, 2008! **

Winning the Drug War at Home is written in devotional format. Each chapter contains a narrative and four devotional entries related to the chapter theme.

The narratives at the opening of each chapter chronicle events that occurred in a sixteen-month period of time from the time the Pride's son was court-ordered to participate in a therapeutic wilderness program in Utah to the time he left for college. A unique feature of this book is that the devotional entries begin with excerpts from letters the Pride's son wrote while in Utah. It is a unique and powerful feature to hear the voice of the teen as well as the parent.

This book will equip the reader to let go of the hurt, confusion, and loss of dreams—and restore hope and broken relationships.


image: starburst graphicHugs: Bible Reflections for Women

52 inspirational studies and stories to draw you closer to God

contributing author
August 2009
Howard Books
ISBN: 1416587225
Retail price: $14.99
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Hugs Bible Refelctions for Women is a collection of fifty-two inspiring and true stories with scripture readings and personal reflection questions following each story. The original stories come from women from all walks of life who share their heart in this two-color book that is more than a collection of stories and more than a daily devotional; it is a tool to encourage, refresh, and build the faith of Christian women everywhere.

image: starburst graphicOxygen for the Swimmer

contributing author
April 2009
Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607916037
Retail price: $14.99
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oxygen for the swimmer cover

When Alexandria Mangas started on her book as a high school sophomore, she had no idea how it would come together. She didn't dream that cartoonist Cuyler Black would give her permission to use one of his works in "Oxygen for the Swimmer". She had no idea that Paralympian Jessica Long would have time before Beijing to write and submit a story. And Mangas wouldn't have an inkling that Swimming Gold Medalist and 2008 Bejing Pentathlete would submit a story and endorse her book.

But it did come together and was released by Xulon Press, a week before her high school graduation. Mangas' book, a compilation of encouraging swim stories is a book written for swimmers or swimming wanna-be's that are 8-108. From age-group swimmer to collegiate swimmers, to master swimmers, there is a little encouragment for everyone.

Endorsements came from former Franklin High School swim and dive coach and presently Franklin College Coach Kurt Hass. Standout Center Grove HIgh School Swimmer Melody White, who now swims for Cal Poly-Tech also gave Oxygen for the Swimmer high reviews.

image: starburst graphicCup of Comfort: Women of the Bible Devotional

Daily reflections inspired by Scripture's most beloved heroines

contributing author
March 2009
Adams Media
ISBN: 1598697242
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The women of the Bible have been inspiring females for ages. Now these inspirational reflections have been collected in one place with this devotional. This beautifully packaged volume features twelve poignant stories for each month and a year’s worth of daily reflections. You will relate to how other women deal with life in relation to biblical women through stories.  Kathy's shares a contemporary example of the woman who gave all she had in gratitude for what she had received.

Love, motherhood, sadness, joy, grief—everything is explored by these contributors. The power of these Biblical women will inspire you to call upon God's love, help and grace whenever needed.

image: starburst graphicChicken Soup for the Adopted Soul

contributing author
March 2008
HCI Publications
ISBN: 075730673X
Retail price: $14.95
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Nothing compares to the love between parent and child.

Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul will touch your heart with stories of finding and creating families. From tales about international orphaned babies and children who spent years in the foster-care system to those who were adopted at birth, this very special compilation conveys the true meaning of unconditional love.

image: starburst graphicDaily Devotions for Writers

April 2008
Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 1414312628
$19.95 retail price
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Daily Devotions for Writers book cover

"Daily Devotions For Writers" is a compilation of devotionals for writers which was published to help support The Writing Academy (www.wams.org).

It contains the work of 200 writers who along with many others contributed their time and talents to this fundraising effort. A special thanks to Cec Murphy who made a generous financial donation to help The Writing Academy purchase books to sell. 

Copies are also available from Kathy for $16.95 plus S&H.

One Year LifeVerse Devotional
365 Stories of Remarkable People and the Stories that Changed Their Lives

October 2007
Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 1414312628
$14.99 retail price
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Is there a verse from the Bible that has special significance to you? Maybe its one piece of Scripture God used to inspire, challenge, or rescue you at a turning point in your life. Maybe its a verse you learned as a child from a grandparent. Or one you recite each morning to begin your day. The One Year Life Verse Devotional contains stories of well-known authors and speakers, athletes and entertainers. Uncover how these key verses helped define peoples role in God's plan--whether they are Bible characters or ordinary people. Discover God's revelations to his people through Scripture, including your very own life verse.

Remarkable People. Remarkable Stories. Remarkable Verses. Discover for yourself the power of God's Word in the lives of 365 people.

It's convenient and easy to grow with God the One Year way.

image: starburst graphicCup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers
Daily Inspiration for Christian Mothers

April 2007
Adams Media Corporation
ISBN: 159869152X
$12.95 retail price
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book cover Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers

In this special addition to the bestselling A Cup of Comfort series, you'll find touching, biblical-themed stories written by devoted mothers who have welcomed the Lord into their daily lives. Celebrating the God-given beauty, strength, and wisdom of mothers everywhere, these daily reflections will inspire and delight you.
You'll draw comfort and renewed confidence in the moving stories of such mothers as:

  • Jean, who looks to the Lord to ease the struggles she faces raising her children--and in the process renews her commitment to family love
  • Sally, who finds the wisdom she needs in scripture when her adopted son asks questions about his past
  • Nancy, who trusts in God to watch after her grown children after they've left her home and gone out on their own into the world

Being a good mother is never easy. But with A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers, you have all you need to help deepen your faith in God, family, and the power of a mother's love.

image: starburst graphicGod Allows U-Turns for Women

March 2006
Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 0764201808
Retail price: $12.99
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Do you feel like you're headed down a road that shouldn’t be traveled? You're not alone. Sometimes it’s too easy to find the wrong path. Sometimes you just feel lost. But God is waiting to help you turn your life around; He wants to show you the way.

This powerful collection of stories from real-life women offers encouragement and support as you overcome difficult relationships, financial battles, serious illness, or the death of a loved one. With God, all things are possible. Are you ready for a U-turn?

image: starburst graphicLife on Purpose for Mothers (devotional)

Harrison House
March 2005
ISBN: 1-57794-683-9
Retail price: $14.99
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Stories included:

"You Can't Have a Testimony without a Test"

"Are You Playing the Harp or Just Plain Harping?"

Seeking fulfillment through family relationships and accomplishments will leave you empty without a greater purpose. Especially as a nurturer and giver, your life can only have lasting joy as you develop companionship with your Creator. Purpose will begin to fill your life as you seek the face of God. He desires to come alongside of you to help, to comfort, and to encourage.

Allow these devotions to challenge you to seek God's will in every decision, to search for the defining moments to share graciously, to forgive unconditionally, and to love greatly. In the brief encounters of daily life, you can find a life worth living, full of joy in the midst of change and peace in the middle of struggles- a Life On Purpose.

image: starburst graphicWhat I Learned from God Today
Simple Truths to Renew and Strengthen Your Faith

November 2006
J Countryman (Thomas Nelson)
ISBN: 1404103791
$12.99 retail price
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In this complicated world, Christians need renewal of their minds, hope for their hearts, and fresh fire in their spirits…on a daily basis!

Insight, counsel, transparency, hope…. You'll find them all in this compilation of real life stories written by authors like Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Henry Blackaby, Sheila Walsh, and more. From profound situations to everyday occurrences, these authors share deep truths of what God has taught them through their own life journeys, helping readers to persevere and grow in their own faith.

What I Learned from God Today is an interactive spiritual growth tool featuring 75 devotionals, each written in three sections: "Wisdom from God," "Living Out God's Plan for My Life," and "What I Learned from God Today," providing readers a daily dose of opportunity to receive, decide, and apply God's simple truths in a simple way!

image: starburst graphicLaundry Tales
--to Lighten your Load

August 2007
Evergreen Press
ISBN: 1414312628
$11.99 retail price
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Women sometimes feel they are in this all by themselves. Through "Laundry Tales" they find others, just like themselves, who have struggled with loneliness, frustration....and a burning desire to find that missing sock! Laugh and cry with these moms (and a few dads) as they tell practical, hilarious, and sometimes toouching stories of how they found a better way to cope with the daily tasks of life in the laundry room---and draw closer to the Lord at the same time. Includes dozens of laundry room tips to make your life easier!

image: starburst graphicDon't Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life with Purpose in the Real World

December 2004
ISBN: 0-97626-420-X
Retail price: $12.95
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Story included: Julia

This book will change your life

Life is profoundly changed the moment people discover and begin living out their unique purpose. Don't Miss Your Boat is all about harnessing the power of your purpose and allowing it to propel you forward in life, just as wind caught in a sail has the power to propel a boat across the open water.

Are you spending your days doing what you love and value? Purpose and the best things in life can be found in some unexpected places. You will see this demonstrated in the lives of 35 true everyday heroes.

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